We have assembled a veteran team dedicated to our mission.

Bill Gelpi

Chief Executive Officer

Experience: Co-founded and lead Rocket Games to $100M exit in under 4 years. Director of Product at Zynga.

Brian Chu

Chief Operating and Community Officer

Experience: Director of Product Management at Epic Games, Director of Global Brand Management at Blizzard.

Mark Troyer

Chief Technology Officer

Experience: Principal Software Engineer at Zynga and Rocket Games, Senior Software Engineer at Manticore.

Olivier Vanden Bos

Director of Engineering

Experience: Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games, CTO at Imbellus, Lead AI Developer at Frost Giant Studios.

Anders Howard

Creative Director

Experience: Principal Designer at Naughty Dog, Lead Systems Designer at Ubisoft, Senior Systems Designer at Epic Games.

Katya Cyan

Art Director

Experience: 10+ years of experience as an artist on games like League of Legends, Wild Rift, SMITE, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Wild Star and more.

Seamus Landry

Director of Community

Experience: Take 2 Interactive and Treyarch QA tester. Mirman School for the Gifted. Counter Strike 1.6 ex-Pro.


Lead Game Designer

Experience: Game Director at Hoplon, best known for their MOBA Heavy Metal Machines.


Technical Art Director

Experience: Artist at Riot, Pocket Gems.

Lloyd Weehuizen

Principal Software Engineer

Experience: Software Architect at Roblox, Software Architect at Imbellus.

Edmond Szeto

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Experience: Software Engineer at Zynga and Rocket Games.

JL Parreno

QA Tester

Experience: QA Intern at Anino Inc. Tester for mobile and PC games. 


3D Character Artist

Experience: Character Artist on Wildstar, Spellbreak and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

Lucas Pfister

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Experience: 10+ years of experience across the industry. Senior Gameplay Engineer for the Expo Dubai Xplorer.

Luiz "Luk" Carvalho

Sound Artist

Experience: Lead Audio Designer at Hoplon, best known for their MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines. Senior Audio Designer at Aquiris.

Paulo Kinjo

Senior Backend Engineer

Experience: Tech Lead Backend Engineer at Crossover, DevOps Engineer at Rakuten, Lead Site Reliability Engineer at PayPay.

PJ Estrellado

Head of Operations

7+ years as Head of Business Development at a Top 20 BPO Company in the Philippines.

Tyler Holden

3D Animator

Experience: PreVis Artist at Day For Nite, and 3D Animator at Brain Zoo Studios.

Wayne Skorniewski

Senior Environment Artist

Experience: 6+ years in contract roles across the games industry.